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the numbers of positive cultures obtained from Wis-
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hepatica). [Read 25 mars] < Ibidem, p. 221. [W m .]
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Ruth Kern, S.B., Technical Assistant in Physiology.
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the outer and back part of the head of humerus, is a large
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this also she is perfectly in accord with the natural law. True,
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cauterization, is welcomed by dermatologists with joy and em-
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varieties of position of the lymph-nodes, and that he has described in
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president-elect; Stephan D Hathway,* secretary; and
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{■ Registration for the Autumn Quarter in all schools and colleges
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<J. Trop. M., Lond.. v. 5i LI), June 2, pp. L65 170: (12), June L6, pp. 191-192;
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of course, a suppurative lesion in this locality, but, so far as my
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extensive meningeal inflammation. — H. F., aet. 38. In hospital
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with the exception of 1985, when the meeting will be
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will be accepted for work in 366 and 367 without the necessity of hospital appointment, and hospital ap-
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bodies and furnishes a discussion of the metabolism
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and 2.5 cc. of distilled water. Then drop in. 5 gm.
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Peterson, Paul Gilbert, a, w, Randall, Iowa. S.B. (St. Olaf C.) '27.
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Dr. Joseph Workman, of Toronto, as President ; Dr. David, of
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Appleton, Esq., President of this Corporation, announcing his
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a) Date. — The annual appointments to Fellowships are made April 1. Appointees
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sicians discusses its activities during the past year
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about medical care, has been revised and is now available to Society physicians. The brochure, prepared by
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tended to a new field, and, if this is so, the ice should be applied
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required to safely restrain the patient (one person per
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shown themselves from headache, suffused countenance, and
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monthw' additional salary was granted to Mrs. Bradford ; and
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William L. Buhrman, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics.
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11 die 1898] < Boll. Accad. Gioenia di sc. nat. in Catania, n. s. (56), die. 1898,
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cation, resume, and three current letters of reference by April
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mony, to give the clear statement, by the Appellate Court, of the law
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the office of the Cashier adequate breakage and supply tickets to be deposited as follows:
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General Hospital. Site for, 10. Defect in title, 11.
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and scopolamine, yi^, is given when the pains have become really
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1883 v. — Note sur une gale sarcoptique particuliere du furet qui regne en ce
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mately 12 majors to be taken in the Department, or in the Department and related