grains of the nitrate of bismuth, given three times a day for a
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ined in each case and, with one exception, was found albuminous.
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Tliird observation, two days later: Pulse-pressure, 25. First phase, 16.0
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There were only two recoveries. Eight had early vegebalius in
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named on the title-page, or application through Dawson Bros.j.
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pocket handkerchief wet in ice-cold water under the jaws up to
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were quite harmless mixtures, rather nauseating to the' taste, meant
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some little time at the outset in getting the patient
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''remarks that " in order to make this experience the more pro-
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357. Diseases of the Heart and Vascular System. — Summer, Autumn, Winter,
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the difficulty of retaining the parts at rest, some motion, though
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practice, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, oncology, orthopedics, otolaryn-
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the widest latitude in the choice of subjects and fields of special research.
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cluding sterilizing, anaesthetizing, operating, and recovery rooms,
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munication, but it is sometimes of a very severe type. — Medical
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besserte Aufl. xvi+592 pp., 244 figs. 8°. Berlin. [W m .]
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AMA and University of Wisconsin-Extension CEUs. Contact:
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The first is that of Dr. R. E. Kinlock, of Brookhm, ]S[ew York ^ :
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cause kidney biopsy and extensive radiographic pro-
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Pediatrics at Milwaukee Children’s Hospital. Doctor
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by intense burning and itching, by slight oedema of the face, and
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of Francis Lee, a deceased patient, was received and read,
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intendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C, or by
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with the sick. It was recognized by the medical attendants that
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Advertising Committee of the Bureau there is a logical
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tion, were numerous ; up to the present time, however,
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1905 a.— Ueber den Cytoryktes litis (Siegel) <Wien. klin. Wchnschr., v. 18 (36),
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850 North Elm Grove Road, Elm Grove, Wisconsin 53122
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