calculation as last given, the mean quantity of sugar per diem
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finding of the facts. The only excuse, in this view of the case, for the
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of constructive changes of nutritive matter and their proper absorp-
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Twenty-five dollars was voted in aid of a patient who has
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do the best we can — ‘‘angels can do no more!”
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out by Dr. S. P. Sadtler in his report on the chem-
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was buried at his expense. Strong as was the equity of the
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even, literally, dying. This class is not applying for treatment in such
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In addition to the regular University Fellowships mentioned, there are special
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very concise and systematized set of directions for
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In the Pennsylvania Medical Journal, Francis Fisher Kane, of
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penetrate the sheath of the muscle and project under Poupart's liga-
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tion and the concept of joint venture. It is an excel-
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ing to arrange a University of Wisconsin Medical School first-year
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of drugs and is particularly intended for medical students.
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in the Far East we never eat flsh in the cholera season. Let great
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William J. Yonker, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Laryngology and Otology.
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down to the lower portion of the broken bone. It was easy to
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Dr. Osier reported a case of Retro-peritoneal Cancer, or
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Remarks. — These cases are of interest as showing the exist-
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of epithelioma, nor of any new cell-growth, being discoverable.
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189 Lodge Ave, Huntington Station, NY 1 1746; (516) 549-0869.
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The subscription price is |1 in advance. The first eight volumes,
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La Crosse, Wl— Otolaryngologist needed to join 50-