1901 a. — Bitte um Sammlung und Einsendung von Stechmiicken <Ibidem, v. 5
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Dunham, Charles Little, a, w, sp, Evanston. A.B. (Yale U.) '29.
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group of three family practitioners, four general internists, one
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The spleen weighs 320 grms. It is large and of normal shape.
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Dr. Howard, in answer to the question whether a pauper patient was
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1. Kozin F, Ryan LM, Carerra OF, et al: The reflex sympathetic dystrophy
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beneath the pectoral muscles, and in the axilla it is seen to be
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Toulouse, v. 60 [n. s.], v. 28 (4), l er mars, pp. 184-185. [W a , W m .]
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the failure of a medical drawing may at times be entirely due to the
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Three to Four Family Practitioners needed to staff three
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cana, Mexico, v. 6 (7), 1° Julio, pp. 165-167. [MS. dated 14 Mayo.] [W m .]
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may occur side by side. What such observers have really seen has
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in Ophthalmoscopy ^ arranged for the use of Students.
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unsoundness, the accused should be placed under the supervi-
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guilty of murder — in fact of the murder of three — but was
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Abdominal surgery was a sealed book before antisepsis and asepsis,
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Seventh observation, three weeks later: Pulse-pressure, 58. First phase,
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by Mr. Hawksley). He had tried this instrument on lupus
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out the combination of drugs, their form of administration,
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the bladder (localized cystitis). In general the appearance is that of an enor-
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dage was applied over the knee. While under treatment an
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8. Harden E, Lucas VS, et al: Hemolytic uremic syndrome during
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4. Stain 10 to 20 seconds in Unna's polychrome methylene blue,
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are heard during the phase. The absence of this phase is indicative
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Case 111. — Female, aged 30 years. Pulse-pressure, 25. No phases.