des paramecies. [Transl. of L903 b] < Arch. f. Protistenk., Jena, v. 5 (1), pp.
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extract and an alcoiic extract. M. Emery-lleroguelle reports
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in Category I of the AMA/PRA and 16 credit hours in Cat-
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the Faculty of Rush Medical College substantially half of whose work for the current
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is State Epidemiologist and also an Adjunct Assistant Professor, Depart-
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of the hospital under supervision of the staff of the hospital. His work will include
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Ernestine Kandel, M.A., M.D., Instructor in Medicine.
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Board certified/eligible family practitioner needed to
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ble to make himself familiar with the leading facts concerning
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1879 x. — Recherches sur l'origine des tenias inermes <Ibidem (52), 26 dec, pp.
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By Nov. Ind^ he was somewhat better, not quite so dull and
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youth, aged 19, who died of a large lympho-sarcomatous tumour
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exhibition of their new Dyalised Iron, which is coming largely
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ceives its due meed of attention. In the sixteenth and seventeenth
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my^ Fh., which was reduced to 86^ and 79^ Fh. Mayer
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One of those delectable Christians of whose souls our Roman Cath-
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to keep in the house, so that he continued to walk about. He
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and recovered. In this instance the mother's blood probably
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in view. For this reason the courses have been planned with the view of presenting the
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amounts may reduce water excretion and increase serum uric acid □ USE IN PREGNANCY Aspirin can harm the fetus when administered to pregnant
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point. In performing this operation the patient should recline
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To make myself, however, the better understood, there are some
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ficult in a given case to determine whether a pharm-
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case, of course, it was important ^to remember that they had to
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12. Special Laboratory Work. — For a limited number of students selected by the
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ishment and the free administration of the liquor ammonice
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are essential for the detection of epidemics, monitor-
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violation of the Rules and Regulations, 29, 30. Accept one-
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for, 19, 58. Price for life, 19, 28. Grant of, for life, 31.
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of the valves or orifices was found, but simply hypertrophy and
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observable too was the progressive scleromatous state of the