had no miscarriage. Thus, you see, the history is obscure, but
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Breathes with comparative comfort through the larynx, but with
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ducted in a similar manner, by placing the eye opposite a window
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what contracted, but not enough to be diagnosed either by palpation
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pensating victims of malpractice that will give incen-
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Stocking, Ruth Evangeline, s, w, sp, Clarendon, Tex. B.A. (U. of Texas) '18.
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The bones of the leg were fearfully comminuted, and the muscles
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anterior roots of the lower dorsal and upper dorsal segments of the
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sent ye by the last packet, and they'll help ye to get out of your
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1882 ee. — Sur le developpement du Tricuspidaria nodulosa ou Triccnopliorus nod-
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and contribute to a fatal issue. As in typhoid fever, the application
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Administration. — The anaesthetic is preferably administered in
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15 Treatment of an anastomotic leak after ileocolos-
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(Anatomy 201, 202, 303, 304); Splanchnology, Histology, and Cytology, 1 major
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the test paper to the blue quinone form. 3 However,
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affected part becomes more tense, and this is accompanied by a
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Family history good. No tubercular or other hereditary taint.
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by Dr. S. P. Yandell, of Louisville ; on the Progress of Medi-
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pp. 513-538. [W a , W m .] [For premiere partie, see Nicolle, M.; & Mesnil,
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tube, and add 2.5 cc. of glacial acetic acid, C. P.,
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the bladder, with considerable enlargement of the ureters and renal
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1877 a. — [Ueber die Ausbreitung der Cysticercus cellulose.] [Secretary's abstract
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between A and B, he with the stronger myocardium (normal or hyper-
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therapy seems more suitable and less threatening to
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Messea, Alessandro. [Dr., Asst., 1st. zool. d. r. Univ. di Roma.]
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Regan, James Francis, s, a, w, sp, Miles City, Mont. A.B. (Columbia C.) '28.
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an operation would be necessary. The change of position in the fore-