specimens from which the colored illustrations were made.

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has been no particular change in his clinical manifestations. He is

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the Montreal General Hospital on July 5th. 1877, with chronic

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all lesions arise from the sigmoid colon. Singular ex-

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kologie, B. xi. H. 1.— Obstetric Journal, Sept. 1877.

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with a hydraemia produced by the kidney affection, while in

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time totally ignoring the fact that health care pro-

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a fixing forceps held in the left hand and applied a short distance

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much to be regretted that this valued periodical has ceased to

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in about 10% of patients, transient hypotension in about

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dary masses in ribs, liver and brain. Chronic Phthisis. Lobar

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of soft-boiled rice. Why this should be so I do not know. Vomiting

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Lungs. — Crepitant, except lower lobe of left lung, which is

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infant suffered from severe symptoms at about the same time as

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There is an interesting lecture on foreign bodies in the

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This may be combined with 2^ of atropine. In a few days this

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tion, and the field of operation is shaved before entering the operating

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1876 d. — Memoire sur l'acclimatation des acariens des animaux sur d'autres

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noble son and brother. We are sure, however, that we but

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1861 a. — Case of Cystieercus eellulosx in the anterior chamber of the eye. [Abstract

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to the individual school child and his environment. It includes discussions of posture,

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ability to reach far, to take up scientific respon-

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cartilage avulsion type. In two cases partial or incomplete resection

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with pus, while below there is pus mixed with blood. It looks

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Ear, Watkins. Two hours will be devoted to the defects of Speech by Kenyon.

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acute peritonitis was found. In the upper part of the ileum a

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corpuscles, which together constitute the chief mass of the tissue,

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more steadily in position.- The angles of the wound were