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hesitate to make a free incision in the periosteum.
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ant to command, public confidence, the strictest and most
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the urethra, causing great horror to the man from its resem-
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course of the pharnyx. The larynx being pulled downward and
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Doctor K Alan and Sherry Stormo (left) and Roberta and Doctor Robert D
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tion of grey induration, being firm, airless, and scattered through
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disease or organic obstruction. In four of his cases chronic disten-
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gifts are inconsistent. The facts are, doubtless, that he gave
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with recurring insomnia or poor sleeping habits; in
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within outwards at either side, so that the peritoneal edges can
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that he was doing tolerably well up to about four days ago,_
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10th. — Apparently worse ; quite unconscious; is constantly
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evidently diseased. Of other agencies capable of producing
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states he copied from an old journal some years ago : — M.
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tion prevailed, and required the occasional use of purgatives.
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the usual time, the presence of renal anomalies must be regarded as
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services, under their increased and arduous duties, resulting
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1879 a. — Ett fall af Cysticercus cellulosse, cerebri <Hygiea, Stockholm, v. 41 (6),
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sults, and they were afraid to allow the pregnancy to go to full term, for
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interesting from the pathological standpoint, as it shows that there
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cleanse the clefts between the toes, which, by-the-way, were
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the veins and arteries reduced in calibre, details of lamina
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defense of insanity in criminal trials with statutes
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1898 d.— Idem. [Abstract of 1898 b] <Centralbl. f. innere Med., Leipz., v. 19
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any contagious puerperal disease for some years. A lady then
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phy of the left testicle with enlargement of the mamma on that
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pelvic pains which formery caused so much annoyance and suf-
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previous day, and also an hour before the operation, copious-
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given case such principles of treatment as have been proved to
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come of radium treatment. At once hospitals and clinics became
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by the interne, using the blanks provided for that purpose.
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Tuttle, William McCullough, s, a, w, sp, Watkins Glen, N.Y. A.B. (Hope C.) '27.