sudden distention of the empty artery distal to the cuff. The mur-

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which the matter had been referred, submitted a report upon

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who introduced them to the notice of the profession. This

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without previous evacuation of the cyst, and shortly afterwards

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1903 d. — Tod eines Hundes durch Filarien. [Abstract of 1903 a, by Kopp]

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Guest speaker: Jes Olesen, MD, Hellerup, Denmark. Contact

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the train of disease. All these great advantages are to you, so

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Shall you attend lectures in any of the final branches during

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soon after the operation, which was on July the 5th. On the

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available. Need both full and part-time physicians. Centers are

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during 1982, cost savings on nursing home reimburse-

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arthritis deformans is perfectly amenable to treatment by removing

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sions, but we may state that this circumstance was not due to

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cent.: second phase, 29.4 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase, 58.8 per cent.

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ation in 1971 and is listed in Who’s Who of Amer-

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Excision of Wrist. By Dr. Fenwick. Reported by J. D.

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she has served on the medical staff of the Ladysmith

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as to the smoker. “The irritation caused to eyes,

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1900 b. — Idem. [Abstract by Ruge] <Arch. f. Schiffs- u. Tropen-Hyg., Leipz.,

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dence. — Drs. J. G. Kennedy (Toronto), A. H. Kollmyer

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does give relief and often great relief for a time,

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before us by two or three striking cases, in which it was most

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F Fuller McBride, MD; Jeffrey P Davis, MD; Robert W

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increased, due to sodium chloride and cyanosis (Austrian).^ N'ow

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a member of The Medical Society of Milwaukee County, the

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severe during this manipulation, and also on flexion and extension.

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Education courses at the following rates: 50<p per word, with a minimum charge of $20.00 per listing. BOXED

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and thirty-seven pages of new matter have been added, extend-

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thermia and muscular rigidity, 15 presents a similar

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Alcoholics Anonymous Annual Meeting, Hyatt Regency Hotel,

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scription, and the readiness with which they will change from one nar-

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value of the " jack and sling " treatment lies not so much in the