4. Many uterine fibroids are caused to disappear by it, so that
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complete the delivery in labour complicated with convulsions ;
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standard of civilization, if they have intellects to be raised to
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the soldier and the statesman win honour and fame, the family
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holics, and occasionally to patients with heart lesions with whom
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" Whereas, in 1S70, this Council passed the following rosoluti(m by a
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operations and specimens of these three cases are here presented.
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ing with skylight. There is an instrument table in one corner of the
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In Case 98 the change from a C. S. factor in excess of the C. W.
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from 1951-1956. He served his residency at the VA Hospital,
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to the tuberculous cachexige or the puerperal state." lie speaks
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'duces shortening of the limb by about 1 J inches. The limb was
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biol., Par., v. 34. 7. b., v. 4. pp. 59-62. [YY m .]
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serve for two months on the Visiting Committee, one Trustee
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is difficult. When the patient is lying down it is impossible for
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illness, receives no suitable explanation in the condition found
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ceased, and she made a good recovery. The bromide of potas-
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Specimen of hydronephrotic kidneys and enlarged ureters.
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he may be taking his interneship, to report to his supervisor as set forth herewith.
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collection. Specialty is pathology and radiology, with knowledge
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Soc. ital. di sc. nat., Milano, v. 44 (1), apr., pp. 71-72. [MS. dated 5 feb.]
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by six in length — of a dark-brown colour, waxy-looking, and
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patient's general condition is, however, most unpromising ; his
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A wise, thoughtful, and well digested sanitary act will be
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<Deutsche thieriirztl. Wchnschr., Hannov., v. 9 (42), 19. Oct., p. 425.
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trophy and dilatation ? This was the difficulty, and so impressed
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The accuracy and reliability of the- foregoing process is
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been discovered, that did not recognise the supernatural, —