of Microscopist assigned to Curator of Pathological Cabinet, 53.

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Director of Medical Services: Dr. Franklin C. McLean.

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had it in Montreal except when imported, which has not

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There is slight fullness of the right hypochondriac region

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for your patients — having fewer anginal attacks, 1 taking

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beak of the sound (which was in the bladder) was never heated

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from the fact that membranes begin vibrating audibly during a

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to be the first and only bequest ever received by this institution

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ments, as may be agreed upon by the Surgeons and Trustees."

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Graduate students in Physiological Chemistry or in other departments must take

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his paper on " Optical Defects " on the table, and, on motion,

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central Wisconsin. Existing diagnostic and therapeutic capabili-

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office in Pulaski, Wisconsin, with busy Board-certified family

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Percival Bailey, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Surgery.

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the right ; and vice versd. The rules to be adopted in percuss-

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dage was applied over the knee. While under treatment an

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hemorrhage is no doubt partly due to the care with which the

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anterior part of the wound is a small rent in the dura mater^

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Lobar pneumonia has a retention of chlorides and phosphates,

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its course, and towards the end accompanied by an acute

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Miescher, F. [See also Tschudi, A. ; Miescher, F. ; & von Nordmann, Alexander.]

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1899 a. — Sur la grasserie du ver a soie d'apres le travail de bolle <Bull. scient. de

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two years before, was living. Three weeks before full time, labor pains began.

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Mj. Summer, Steen and Assistants; Mj. Winter, Bensley, Bloom, Steen, S. H.

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lateral sclerosis, etc. On the other hand, were the symptoms of central

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bed, and complained of pain in buttocks from lying on them, I

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and the resulting cost reductions, would ease the dangers

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tion coming from the kidney or genital tract by way of the lymphatics.

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1893 a. — Entero-peritonitis due to Ascaris megalocephala <Am. Vet. Rev., N. Y.,

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Kay L. Thompson, D.D.S., Clinical Instructor in Surgery (Oral).

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each one for yourselves, a time-table, with the hours of lecture,

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In the next chapter the author speaks of the causes of

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in the middle ear, which indicated that some of the small bones of the middle

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First, an apparent obstacle to the outflow of urine in the urethra,

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former state of things is to be entirely obUterated, and that we

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of the ninth day ; convalescence lasted two months. The second

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