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** Includes those with hearing threshold levels > 40 dB.

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1st, 1875, there were 995 women delivered in the Hospital. Of

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to a right angle, and, after a couple of weeks in this position, the

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of the literature. In one case an acute encephalitis of the left optic

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females, lOJ- inches. The average weight — males, 7 lbs. 13 oz.,

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Board on the death of his late father [Dr. J. Mason Warren],

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the average difference amounted to fourteen millimetres. Variations

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four to six thicknesses, and held in place with adhesive straps. JSTo

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on the other, not to allow the case to advance to the last stages

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cestodi adulti. [Read 15 die] <Atti r. Accad. cl. Lincei Soma, Rendic.

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strate any nerve lesion, nor did the X-ray reveal a spina bifida occulta.

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Stanley E. Lawton, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Surgery.

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responsibility in telling us how to solve the problem

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but slightly sagacious for our Protestant and Irish name-sakes ; a great

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Elven James Berkheiser, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery (Orthopedic).

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was expelled. The funis was torn off short at the os, which was

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of Medicine. This assumption by the College was subsequently

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a rule they are isolated, but occasionally groups are seen. They

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disease alter about eleven months of nifedipine therapy The relationship to PROCARDIA therapy is

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born; pregnancy in bicornuate uterus; classical caesarean section; low cervical caesarean

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Fergusson, he proposes lecturing twice. Altogether a special

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with additional pages to be subsidized by the author(s) on the

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renal insufficiency Periodically, serum K + levels should be deter-

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Courses 1 and 2 may be taken in the same quarter, but both are prerequisite to

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uses his saturated solution as a gargle, and also washes out the

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a " recognized diploma." In Canada we have no uniformity

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administration of anesthetics, and history-taking. Rounds are made three mornings

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leased the mummy one year for exhibition in other cities.

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eritic, and looks upon the diphtheria of the other case as a

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of the earliest prodromal stage. This is analogous to the oedema of

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Anatomy and attempted to master the structure of one of the

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meet the increasing needs of the Rush Postgraduate School.

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Clinic, a progressive cluster corporation of 28 physicians. Excel-

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processing. We thank the directors of microbiology (bacteriology) labora-