Russell Morse Wilder, Chairman of the Department of Medicine.

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cle should have been open to the interpretation which they have

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1900 a. — Deux observations de kystes hydatiques traites par intervention chirur-

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, first there was tenderness in the right groin at the

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fourth phase, 30.0 per cent. C. S. : C. W. : : 44 : 56.

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state. They also show that the duty of the judge, jury, and

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sion of experts for a sufficient time to enable them to determine

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pointed a Committee to wait on Miss Mary Belknap [Donor

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wonderful monuments to the great generosity of the English people.

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Leadership Conference that I think legislators would

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fire code; periodic drill operations are desirable.

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occur pains at various times, before or during defecation, some notice-

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breathe, it was lost. About one-half hour later the second child was born. It

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Second observation, six weeks later: Pulse-pressure, 66. First phase, 12.1 per

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altogether very soon after death if the eye is exposed to the

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near the vertical meridian, obliquely through the inner margin

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Aug. 1st. — Bowels moved five times during night. Slept ^

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On section large cancellae are seen, filled with a reddish-white

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covered, with periosteum and smooth except about the middle of

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William Bloom, A.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of Anatomy.

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on the stand, or by pointing out some glaring instance where it was

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science and humanity, in connection with the discovery of the

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graduated from Marquette University School of Medicine in

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MD,* Racine, delegate to the State Medical Society.

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by a process of endosmosis and is nearly free from acid. It is of

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otherwise. The explanation was that the stone was held loosely

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insufficiency of closure in the valve. He demonstrated that

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it must be borne in mind that the following remarks only refer

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by Dr. Griffiths on the " Seton in Paralysis and Epilepsy." Of

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1882 a. —Influenza della malaria sul decorso delle malattie acute d'infezione

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proteid in the blood-serum causes the development of a ferment or

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Lawrence L. McLellan, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine.

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so. Tongue is large, flabby, and heavily coated with a white

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