In individual cases, no doubt, some other drug may be substituted

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remembered that nearly all of the 576 cases were brought to the

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Harry Gideon Wells, Chairman of the Department; Director of the Otho S. A.

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levels because of a state law requiring physicians to sign contracts in order to be paid. In other states (includ-

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the method of their administration does not comply with the new

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15. Orthopedic Surgery and Clinical Course in Central Free Dispensary. — Tu.

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the habit of visiting the Hospital on Sundays, and having reli-

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Woolpert, Oran, sp, Hood River, Ore. A.B. (Harvard C.) '22.

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my direction by the students attending the hospital, and the

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the celebrated greyhound, ' Master Magrath,' weighed 9.57 oz.,

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50A. Clinical Clerkship in Michael Reese Hospital. — (Same as Course 50.) Limit-

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French Pathologists. When the specimen came under observa-

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failure resulting from injections too near the birth, I will discuss

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For some months past he had been ailing, and when the writer

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1903 a. — The rational treatment of snake bites and others with adrenalin chlo-

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subsided. These are examples of change of surroundings and occu-

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medical, and disability insurance, malpractice coverage

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previous observation that just as soon as these patients can be made

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blood. The Coloscreen III® test kit used in this study,

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students. Prerequisite : 3M js. of 303 or equivalent. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

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my diagnosis of acute pyelitis of the right kidney.

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found that the anterior segments were separated, and the torn

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was realized in fully 75 percent of our cases, was a

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my subject without alluding to the moral teachings of the

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eration ; a good deal of fatty infiltration also exists between the

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8. Clinical Surgery. — A clinical and conference course in general surgery, with