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BtTLETTE, Lorenzo D., Esq., Of the Philadelphia Bar, Philadelphia.

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These symptoms had existed for a year. They were thought to

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Society should be always on their guard with such men, and

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tality was 34.8 percent; at the Roosevelt Hospital,

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the Female Orphan Asylum of this city. After each discharge

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b) Physiology 6 majors as follows: Physiology, 3 majors (Physiology 251,

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1000 North Oak Ave, Marshfield, Wis 54449 (phone: 715/387-5523).

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April 26, 1847. Twenty-five dollars was voted towards buy-

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meal, and they eat that abundantly. Sometimes it will be found that,

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a lady of fifty, who had been a patient of Dr. Quain's and Mr.

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cord showing the popliteal vein, and a large branch opening

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Melchiorre Guzzoni.] [Read 8 mars] <Rec de med. vet., Par., v. 54, 6. s., v.

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addition to the list of brief laboratory guides in this

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The patient died in May 19th. There was no autopsy.

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a definite three to six weeks of training the limitation of fluids will

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Assistant House Surgeon, Montreal General Hospital.

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much to be regretted that this valued periodical has ceased to

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Dr. Cobbold said that Wuchcrcr, of Bahia, first discovered.

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