Dr. George Ross, Chairman of the Committee on Medicine,
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term sehroth (vision-red) is the more appropriate of the two.
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Paulo, v. 7 (12), 30 junho, pp. 259-260. [MS. dated 15 de maio.] [W m .]
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•any gastric catarrh existing, as well as to give rise to anorexia.
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law and according to the will of God. But when I see infants,
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degree of Doctor of Medicine, in this department it is suggested that he take course 201
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Contraindications: Concomitant use with other potassium-
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creased his father's legacy of five thousand dollars to the sum
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annual Summer Meeting, Americana Lake Resort, Lake Ge-
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28^A. — Discharged. Cavity reduced to size of an almond.
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vais, etde son action. [Read l er dec] <Ibidem (36), 8 dec, pp. 614-619. [W m .]
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fact that he had treated him nineteen years previously for
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Earl Baldwin McKinley, M.D., Director of the School of Tropical Medicine of the
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• Forcing all physicians to accept assignment or to