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that motion in the joint was less free, still he was able to go
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1905 m. — Experimental syphilis and the spirillum of syphilis. [Editorial] <J.
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their impaired colleagues to leave medical practice
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able to break up the paroxysmal symptoms by various means sug-
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The President, R. H. Russell, M.D., took the chair, and
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entirely disappeared, oedema of right eye-lid gone, and for the
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the succor and relief that may be within their power. "
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out with flying colours ? Why do others fail altogether ? Not,
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sternum. It was twenty-four inches in circumference. It
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it is pertinent to introduce here a patient's verbatim account.
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which in a certain proportion of cases brings about so-called cures, but
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sitenk., Jena, 2. J., v. 3 (10), p. 309. [W a , W m .]
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all issue of physician supply and distribution in Wis-
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few drops of blood coming just after the urine passed. Two weeks
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Mendonca, Arthur. [See also Meira, Rubiao; Mendonca, Arthur; & da Rocha,
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the student is familiar with the somewhat varied conditions
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She can wash, iron, sew, use knife and fork dexterously, and, in fact,
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Appendix IV. consists of a digest of American Sanitary Laws,
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was a member of The Medical Society of Milwaukee County,
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husband ? " The doctor said : " Wlien you came back here the other day, — this
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more active diuretic, but is more irritating to the