cal department of Trinity College. For several years while

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The contrary opinion at present prevalent in the public mind

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sent of instructor. 3MJ.-2MJS. Each quarter. Allison, Andrews, Bailey, Curtis,

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the gall bladder, the tissues in the neighbourhood being closely

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5. Clinical Obstetrics. — In the maternity department of the Presbyterian Hospital,

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heart was displaced to the left and a little downwards ; and the

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activities and some perspective on our intentions for

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William John Gallagher, M.D., Clinical Associate in Surgery.

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Published Monthly by The American-Medicine Publishing Company.

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of the allergies. M., F., 8:00, Autumn, £Mj. Huber.

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sparing agents such as spironolactone or amiloride Further use

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-and there with flakes of lymph. The omentum is pushed up

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has found in a few autopsies of such men killed by accident

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ber of cases. From the variety of subjects treated, the eminently

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he felt compelled to kill a policeman. While he was

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son,) opium, tobacco, henbane, hemlocTc, oil of vitrol, siXlphate of cop-

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efits for emotional and mental illness under all gov-

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The incidence in males and females was almost equal

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Berlin, W1 54923; tel: 414/361-1313, ext 583. 1-7/84

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her that the Trustees deem any departure from the rules and

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obstruction and spinal disease were eliminated. The lesion in these

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collapse rapidly ensues. Here he gives baths of a temperature

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Bowditch, Nathaniel I., 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 37, 40, 42, 46,

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tients’ rights of access to their medical records

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clinically by enlargement of the organ, prolonged jaundice, and

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with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, the recommended initial dose of Zorprin is 1600 mg (2-800 mg tablets) twice a day Because of Zorprin's

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matting of the coils together by firm adhesions and tubercular

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adjunct in these cases of acute dilatation is to have the patient li&

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mended by Mr. Browne. The mode of procedure we prefer, is

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terior horn, also scattered foci of infiltration in the gray matter of

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with such endotoxin have yielded a serum which rendered the virus

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orifice 3". Left ventricle contains some fluid blood, and a small

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much the case with text-books in general. The use of chemical