Donaldson, Lilian, a, w, sp, Iola, Kan. M.A. (U. of Kansas) '25.
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1891 a. — Sur deux varietes de kystea hydatiques du foie; 1° kystes hydatiques pro-
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tigated, the mortality varies from 35 to 40 percent.
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1892 i.— New Sporozoa. [Abstract of 1892 f] Ibidem (6), Dec, p. 806. [\Y a ,
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of cholera, and this was the danger of prescribing saline purges to
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exclude as much as possible groups with significant
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his own observations, and what seemed to him to be " the logi-
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Modie, Paul Gregory, sp, Barnesville, Ohio. A.B. (Marietta C.) '25; S.B. (West Vir-
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even the cerebiTim are involved. This has led to the differentiation
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officers was summoned, and the author who had served with the
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Elmer A. Vorisek, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Ophthalmology.
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M.D., Edin., Professor of Institutes of Medicine in the Mont-
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It is ver\- often imp>ossible to make a diagnosis
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primary refreshing effect being upon the nerve-centres, the patient
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cal treatment as might reasonably be necessary for the preservation of his life
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' Veit's Handbuch der Gynaecologie, Vol. i. p. 125.
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ments were removed from the surface of the condyle, and the main
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acid calculus had existed. Small phosphatic concretions,
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blood loss. Only if these are negative should colon-
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WISCONSIN MEDICAL JOURNAL (ISSN 0043-6542) is the official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin, devoted to the interests
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Zivko P Marcich, MD, 63, Cudahy, died Nov 2, 1983 in Cu-
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the human family that they should be very generally dissemi-
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cated in the numerous prefaces and introductories, and on the title-
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Mr. Barwell remarked that the aneurism doubtless involved the
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know the disease is half (perhaps more than half) the cure,
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Feb, \%t. — Temperature 103P. Complains of pain in back-
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her school work and walked without aid, conscious that the left foot
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1881 a. — Trichinse in European and American pork<Rep. Consuls U. S. on com-
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and was distinctly fat, though not obese, and thought that the remedy
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tion, held in the office of Henry Gibbons, Jr., M.D.,
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was much enlarged, weighing 4 oz. The whole mass of the
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ia swallowing it required much patience to give either. The
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general requirements for the degree of Doctor of Medicine. The candidate should also
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les poulains. [Abstracl of L905 a] 'Rev. \ot.. Toulouse. \. (52 [n. s.], v. 30