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Much stress is laid by some writers as to what constitutes the

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AUGUST 3-5, 1984: Wisconsin Dermatological Society Bi-

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Case 115. — Male, aged 48 years. Pulse-pressure, 57. First phase, 17.5 per

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Case 188. — Male, aged about 40 years. First observation: Pulse-pressure,

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ameter, attached to the serosal surface of the bowel.

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7) Registration of unclassified students in the medical courses is subject to the

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on the methods employed by the body in defense against disease. Prerequisite: General

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A paper on the use of large doses of acetate of lead in post

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pregnant, excluding those who say they are, and ex-

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among alternative health care delivery and financing

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Publication support provided. Reprint requests to: Michael A Wilson, MD,

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yellowish-coloured lymph. The right lobe also cemented to parts

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be due to the fact that the patients's bowels had not moved for

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the limb, directly over the track of the anterior tibial artery.

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2. Amount of work. — The amount of work required is 22 majors of which 2 majors

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Dr. Yon Heusinger, of Marburg, states that he has met with

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increasing exercise tolerance, but confirmation of sustained

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It was then moved by Dr. Marsden, seconded by Dr. Gilbert,.

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June 30, 1871. -On the recommendation of Dr. Shaw, it

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