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no account of any is to be found in the Society's Transactions.

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tests applied give most positive results, viz : Fehling's, Potash,

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staff of St Joseph Hospital, Milwaukee, for 54 years. He also

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that the colour was retained from forty to sixty times longer after

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of radio-activity upon the system, there may be a question. It can

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upper border of the third rib, and to the right border of the

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with proper filtration and protection of healthy tissue. The most

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lymphatic glands in the portal fissure. Compression of the

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made up of a tolerably firm, and highly vascular structure.

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tissues on which mental equilibrium is dependent lose so much in

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referred to the case of a patient who was thus enabled to hold

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intermediaire entre les sarcosporidies et les Amcebidium Cierkowskv. [Read

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Dr. Bell said he was very sceptical about cold being a cause

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using expired zofran

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hepatica). [Read 25 mars] < Ibidem, p. 221. [W m .]

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2. Yentilation of the Sick-chamher. — This always demands the

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shape as to fit accurately the wound. It had a flange on its outer

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surgical pupils, — an inquiry which would seem to be founded

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of scientific papers. The volume of 1913 contained over eight

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tentanyl anesthesia is contemplated , the physician should be aware ot these potential problems and,

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the cornea has sustained. One of the predisposing causes of

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involving in it the artery. I removed a piece of this indurated

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to the German Congress of Surgeons of the year 1876, recom-

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July 11, 1851. The Superintendent was "authorized to buy

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board of examiners for the entire Dominion, before whom all

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Herbert L. Reddy, B.A., M.D., CM., (McGill University,

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But one is surprised how poorly the well-to-do are treated : those who