ened life spans, and related societal factors than to
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muscle fibre. One has been reported in the uterus, one in the
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recommended, in cases of lingering labour in which the " bag of
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370. Problems in Genetics. — For advanced students who are prepared to under-
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ages range from seven to sixty-three, four being under the age at which
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bacteria may in turn be utilized as the carriers of the infection,
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dant in proportion to the fibroid tissue. Only in the central
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and quality of life that they could not obtain any-
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' Veit's Handbuch der Gynaecologie, Vol. i. p. 125.
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withdrawn with the stone ; no bleeding followed. By the twenty-
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• I.V.. pp. 1175 1177. I fig. [W a , W m , \ v .|
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cate they can do so without the aid of the Council.
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great fixity of the limb, it being adductcd and twisted over the
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could not unanimously agree, and here we must stay our pen, for
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Surviving are his widow, Myrtle; two daughters, Ruth Kretch-
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of Acute General Miliary Tubercle. The lungs and peritoneum
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dependent group of private practitioners searching for an
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of the processes, and slight residues of cells in the form of structureless
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thirteen days, as the contraction of the bladder might cause secondary
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<Ibidem, v. 10 (50), 15 dec, pp. 591-595. [W m .]
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conditioned or incomplete) incurred during the last quarter of