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also that these diseases follow a regular, uniform line of cause and
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(1841 a). — Beytrage zur Anatomie der Entozoen. 34 pp., 3 pis. 4°.
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the impossibility of performing thorough embalming and the necessity
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of Surgery of Rush Medical College to a graduate in Medicine. The sum of $500 is
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Winter: General Medicine with special reference to Infectious Diseases, Diseases
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nurse is directed to administer a few drops of some placebo, usually
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orbit of the paralysed side, in the upper muscular fibres of the
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installed as president of the Society at its Annual
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bleaching a peculiar alteration takes place in the relation of
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lytic uremic syndrome; case presentation and review of literature.
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combination is very materially more successfnl in its results
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tains a considerable proportion of fibrous elements, yet the
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of administration. Since insomnia is often transient
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out of which sugar can be manufactured by the system occurs abun-
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amount expended, ^i^l95.68, leaving a balance in hand of
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strations of the methods of physical and laboratory examinations and of history taking.
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Inasmuch as acute pneumonia is known to prevail among alco-
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1698 c— Musca pulex vel cimex <Ibidem, obs. 131, pp. 295-297, fig. 36. [W m .]
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patches are remarkable for their number and size, even high up
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Madison Society of Anesthesiologists (cosponsored by
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l^tJi. — Pain and tenderness low down on the right side,
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line can barely be discovered ; drainage tubes removed. The
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1904 a. — A case of dum-dum fever <J. Roy. Army Med. Corps, Lond., v. 2 (3),
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(1892), 58. J., v. 1 (1), Dec, pp. 97-122, pi. 8, figs. 1-30. [W s .]
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izing the nonpalpable testis preoperatively lies in the
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rates for skilled care than states which did not. These
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census Avernis (freely translated as “It’s easy to take
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after the operation), when the slough began to separate and
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endothelium which filled it up irregularly with clumps of cells. The