afternoons dressings and ordinary interne work are performed. The

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through the fault of their progenitors, whether through ignorance

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different German physicians, to the benefits derived from the

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a time for his retirement, in order to give him an opportunity

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patients receiving triamterene, and leukopenia, thrombocyto-

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January 17, 1868. The nomination by the Committee of

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years of continuous service to the publication . . .

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pelvis without any demonstrable organic obstruction.

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in filling up lunatic asylums than any other cause, save the one

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died in a few days, the origin of disease being an infected mattress

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ture was 100^ in the evening and 98"^ next morning, and

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had been added. On standing it throws down a very small and

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Russell Morse Wilder, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Medicine.

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25th. — Temperature last night 104®. Ordered quin. grs. xv.

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31st January, 1883. 5 pp., 1 pi. 8°. [Glasgow.] [\Y m .]

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remembering this distribution of the hepatic artery, it is easy

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and the second foot was also seized and brought down into the

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no doubt, also that the inflammation is attended with coagulation

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ered on the pleural surface. It is very firm, and on section

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Quebec we are more liberal, and the qualifications of British

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days afterwards to walk in the garden. On September 18 she-

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air and light in newly built dwellings, legal restrictions against

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The abolition of Theses is a change which, I am sure, you will

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These statistics clearly indicate a significant na-

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student, not commensurate with the time spent by such a chano^e.

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next edition without seriously impairing the value of

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v. 10 (20-21), 30. Oct., pp. 714-717. [W a , W 8 .]

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1898 a.— Idem. [Abstract by Seifert] <"Centralbl. f. innere Med., Leipz.. v. 19

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ry efforts of the Department in investigation will be directed toward the study of disease

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1905 b— Idem. [Reviewed by J. Girard] <Bull. de l'lnst. Pasteur, Par., v. 3

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any good, I then substituted the salicylic acid, 7 grs. to the oz.,

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value of bichromate of potash in secondary and tertiary lesions.

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cent. ; second phase, 22.2 per cent. ; third phase, fourth phase, 66.6 per cent.

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Harvie and Cormack (equal), Ross and B. E. McKenzie