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are glad to know you will stay on as Editor, for the
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Flanking the agora upon three sides are private corridors,
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our home, our country, of which we have no reason to be
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blood were drawn from the arm, which arrested the convulsions,
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the right foot, is a myelosyringosis. I am led to this belief particularly
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administration of opiates on the part of physicians than this
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to come would know that I had been in company with a skunk.'
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action. We would suggest the following : Mrs. C, recumbent, with
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arrived in London, and was seized with pains and threatened
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internship at Trinity Hospital in Milwaukee. Doctor Craite
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felt along the urethra during and after micturition. He is
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testimony of the efficacy of this drug in menorrhagia, metrorr-
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Med. Rec, N. Y. (1793), v. 67 (11), Mar. 18, pp. 431-432. [W a , AV m .]
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mimicking a benign stone process. Clinical correla-
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the out-migration of patients to urban areas and to
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tal in London where Aston Key's stafFis employed. A few days
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a therapeutic agent, and I presume that Avhen it arrests haemor-
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Twelve services, three beginning each quarter, January, April, July, and October.
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stomach is irritable it must be given in oft-repeated half-teaspoonful
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(5) A physician may simplify or omit communication of viable modes of treatment if the communication
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mouth, but he still remained unaffected. Lately he made a
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17. Henderson V, Wooten G: Neuroleptic malignant syndrome: a patho-
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A certain stigma is attached to the word insanity, although few
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modern pathology and treatment of acute pneumonia has been driven.
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in the past year. (2) Allocation and salary agreements for each hospital-based physician. (3) The frequencies
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3C. Clinic and Conference Course at the Cook County Hospital. — Topic: General
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of the Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians. Info: WAFP,