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the mortality under the wet compress treatment was only 1.6 per cent.,

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female. Available data indicate that this fear is ex-

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available on Beta and VHS videocassette. These tape

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Selecta Fuge, surgical equipment, office dictation equipment,

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Morton offering to the Hospital the right to use his discovery

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ment if previous trials of an unsuccessful kind have served to make

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64 years, the first point was recorded at 150 mm. At 140 mm. the

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Squire showed drawings of these cases, and of an instrument he

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no means unsuccessful in its especial results, was regarded

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accompanied by great nervous depression, the chlorate of pot-

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recourse, in this case to preventive haemostasis, by means of my

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1906 a. — Ueber den Cytorhyktes luis (Siegel). [Review of 1905 a, by Richard

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be most readily adjusted. The wound is dressed with scraps of

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The following general rules are applicable to advertisements

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Oct. l^th, — Called this morning complaining of great

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strength is failing fast, and the sallow colour has become deep-

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is also well known that the alkaline bases, and especially potas-

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eflfective when given at any stage of the affection.

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1897 b.— Idem < Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc, Par., v. 125 (5), 2 aout, pp. 323-326,

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deepseated tissues the irritant action of the spark

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the birth of the child, and the placenta was removed at once.

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of the fiver on section which was noticed in this case is described

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activities may occur the day following ingestion Not

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cian, his reason -for refusing to accept witnesses and

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(748), v. 27 (10), Mar. 7, pp. 261-262. [W a , W" 1 .]

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William Cochran, from February 28, 1821, for 6 months till death.

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nosis (malignant disease) was confirmed, as also his opinion that

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ton Ave, Madison, Wis 53704; ph 608/244-1213. 8tfn/83

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and actively pursue legislation to this purpose. Rec-

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parasites as persist in the blood after administra-