fourth phase, 5.8 per cent. C. S. : C. W. : : 76.4 : 23.1.

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in cases of hypertrophy of the heart, three times in cases of neuras-

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cess, hearing loss can extend to frequencies essential

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1904 c. — Zur Aetiologie der Orientbeule (bouton d'Orient) . [Transl. of 1904 a,

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seen a difficulty arise from a pressure on the chest, of instru-

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has resulted in pretty complete loss of the eyelashes, eversion

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three pints of fluid in the 24 hours after its administration.

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is an almost universal feeling that in many quarters reform

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1903 a. — A case of Amoeba coli dysentery. [Secretarv's abstract of paper read

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on the 31st of January, ultimo, also passed his examination

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and when I left, almost two hours after labour, she was going on

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Lords, was discussed clause by clause, and adopted. In reference

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him ; while the world at large can reward him with little beyond

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related departments, including the following fundamental courses: Zoology 105, 201,

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Stewart, recovered. Another striking case was Thomas Irvine

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The next series of papers on acute chronic inflammation of the

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work, are preparing the soil and developing neurotics with drink and

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this one to the category of myelogenous affections, and

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BAC, stricter provisions for obtaining occupational

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Hospers, Cornelius Albertus, s, a, w, sp, Chicago. B.A. (Hope C.) '26.

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Embolism of Central Artery of Retina, by Dr. Bullcr, Montreal.

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and paramedic teaching. Active community hospitals with new

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represents its equivalent in hard continuous work. But while

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a few drops of liquid, and produce very intense eli'ects, owing to the

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Special appai'atus was devised and installed for the production and

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David R. L. Duncan, S.B., Assistant in Physiological Chemistry.

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defence of this dictum, to which we from the medical stand-

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atrophy through predominant localization at certain levels in the

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During an intimacy of twenty years, we have always found him one

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the conditions are very different but it is possible

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frequently occurs that a man must kill to save his own life ; and

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devoted to the general histologic structures of the

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involved, yields very favorable results to the extent that the pain is