gas. Lavage with two or three glassfuls of warm water may suffice.
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occurred, although in about 20 percent of the cases
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was also administered hypodermically once or twice a day as oppor-
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to the end the patient never experienced any smarting from this
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cially in those where the onset is mild or obscured by gastro-intestinal
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and Surgeons?" The action of the Trustees, when this " in-
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deviations. The first criterion will primarily identify
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The existence of a paretic condition of the bladder and urinary
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M. D., Pediatrist to Mt. Sinai Hospital, Ex-President
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tuberculous — irritability, loss of will-power and
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Linda E Nevers, Berlin Memorial Hospital, 225 Memorial Dr,
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symptoms of gastrointestinal bleeding and ulceration. □ Since there have been no controlled trials to demonstrate whether or not there is any beneficial
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in the country, seven months after her confinement, her speech
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by the sacrolumbar mass. On account of the absence of the fascial
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Assistant Surgeon, Maternity Dispensary, University Hospital, Philadelphia
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habitually gives the preference to the oxide of zinc, used after
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tion. The mother has had several healthy children. Moreover, the
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Oct. 22nd. — The ovarian tumour was tapped with an aspira-
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[1904 b].— Idem. Reprint. 6 pp. 4°. Hannover. [W a .]
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and sometimes verv intense. Its situation varied occasional! v*
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man's house is his castle, and within its precincts he may cher-
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on the microcirculation and suggestion can increase
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March 31, 1844. Messrs. Rogers and Andrews were ap-
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complex knovni as spastic constipation, which is only the pathological
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sistant professor, Department of Radiology, Univer-
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110 ounces, the nurse volunteering the statement that she had
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bursting. The operation gave immediate relief, and evidently
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Newman, Louis Benjamin, sp, Chicago. S.B. (Armour Inst, of Technology) '21.
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you achieve neither wealth nor distmction, you will receive the