prised if he should decline, particularly if you are not supposed to be

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filled by a " bunch of bums," who pillow their heads on the court-

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In the advertisement to this volume we learn that these reports

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which, while calling forth the highest powers of the mind, brings

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of your time. You will broaden your professional expe-

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perienced. Possesses necessary skills to lead a department

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Spring. Tu., S., 10:00-12:00. Limited to two students. Bay.

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and that those practitioners who happened to have this kind of

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alone will not assume the entire responsibility of the

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dystrophy; successful treatment by transcutaneous nerve stimulation.

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together of various diseases with dogmatic remarks upon the-

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There were five cases of pulmonary emphysema: Cases 40, 96,

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injection of morphine is exceedingly useful. These statements suggest

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fourth phase, 5.8 per cent. C. S. : C. W. : : 76.4 : 23.1.

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forms of melancholia, or, as we now call them, the manic-depressive

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erated hypotension These responses have usually occurred during initial titration or at the time ot

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practice management and conduct educational programs nationwide for physicians, office managers, and medical assistants. An income tax deduction may be

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that the point of entry is accepted to be the nasopharynx, we ought to

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Table 1 — Comparison of TcSC and labeled RBC tech-

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1808 a.— Sur Paffection vexmineuse. These. 23 pp. 4°. Paris. [\Y m .|

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stitching the periosteum and secured a good result. Treves removed

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Limited to ten students in any quarter. 3^Mjs. Students may not register for more

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who operated with remarkable dexterity and with a measure of

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Goodman and Howell ^^> ^'^ have called attention to tonal arrhytli-

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made. The base of the cranium was found firmly wedged in the

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6. Madrazo BL, Klugo RC, et al: Ultrasonographic demonstration of

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therapy With patients whose angina is complicated by congestive heart failure care should be taken

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9. Heeb MA, Ahlvin RC; Screening for colorectal carcinoma in a rural

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likely event, such an enlargement of the wound would probably

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his had an attack, and a young man aged 16 at the same time

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cent.: second phase, 29.4 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase, 58.8 per cent.

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them at any of the hospitals. The nursing-homes^ are very inferior

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of an active immunity, however, should not be overlooked.

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of the other salts in excess, to replace the sodium

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making sociologic decisions which particularly apply

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of B. on the specimen, it would be best to have the tumor removed by a surgical