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Leon Bloch, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.

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1852 a.— Trattato di anatomia patologica. 486 pp., 1 1. 12°. Parma. [W m .]

newer antipsychotics and glucose metabolism a comparison between olanzapine and risperidone

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Will Ferson Lyon, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.

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between the ages of one and four years. It rarely attacks an adult.

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Published Monthly by The American-Medicine Publishing Company.

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influenza in the nursing home setting, vaccinations

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bleeding diverticulum, localization of a bleeding site

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Soc. debiol., Par., v. 35, 7. s., v. 5 (28), 4 aout, pp. 489-491. [W m .]