congestion of the face and head. Chloroform was administered

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pipe spectators' benches, of which there are two in one corner of the

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Frank Woodbury, M.D., &c. 8vo. pp.410. Philadelphia :

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a student of the University of Chicago presenting the best results in research in Pathol-

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College in the following Chicago hospitals: Presbyterian, Children's Memorial, Home

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and encouragement — an opportunity, the responsibilities of

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may come sufficiently close to these ideals to warrant

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ing the great mortality and danger, and not having the fatalistic ideas

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to rise and fall, and he walked just like a sailor. When he

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and that his alternate in another city was going, too, promptly de-

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It is commonly believed that diseases of the mind, if sub-

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the right knee-joint of several years' duration. The joint was

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resignation of Dr. Drake, was filled by the election to that

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and surgery as related to the medical departments of the army, navy, and marine corps.

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remember seeing the case three times, and answering his questions. He

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l'homme. [Read 26 avril 1879] <Ibidem, pp. 126-129, figs. 1-4. [W» W c .]

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with a hard, dry, and cnisty tongue. One of the most efficacious

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I was somewhat chagrined, therefore, to see a considerable gush

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ical Association. Surviving are his widow. Doctor Ruth Schoen-

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a maximum seven or eight days before menstruation," is believed

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When there is pain I resort to morphine, strapping of affected

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the white matter of the cord giving us a picture of transverse myelitis.

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and particularly is this true with regard to certain

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nucleus becomes eccentric, and the cell finally breaks down, becoming

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of the law inflicted on the graceless oifender. If I am wrong, do say

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should include an infectious etiology. In addition to

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which would extend to him free license respecting surgical operations. Reason-

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again how difficult it is to estimate the statistics

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