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cent.; fourth phase, 14.2 per cent. C. S. : C. W. : : 63.2 : 36.6.

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Dr. Osier exhibited (1.) Specimens of different organs from

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the body of a vegetable parasite. In diphtheria, as well as in

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The whole of the subclavian is obliterated, and no radial pulse

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take an individual laboratory or library problem in genetics. Prerequisite: Zoology 310

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city and District, was not eligible to vote, and he refused to

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Examinations — A Guide for Physicians and School Authorities is now available to physicians in Wisconsin.

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been productive of much good, and of the prevention of much

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been treated in vain with Iodine injections and compression,

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matrix virtually doesn’t release in acidic stomach.

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102 ; temperature irregular, radial pulsation disappeared ;

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distal vessel during diastole, by the systole of the heart. It is, how-

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<Ann. di med. nav., Roma, an. 10, v. 1 (1), gennaio, pp. 175-180. [\V m .]

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A. B., a3t. 40, had been ill with typhoid fever two weeks;

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enlargement of the organ could be detected. Burning pain is

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Prepared by the Statewide Impaired Physician Program / Compassionate colleague to colleague support

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It is not in the face and neck. It resembles the rash of measles

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Silvian, Harry, sp, Whiting, Ind. S.B. '28; M.S. '30.

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tical Chemistry — a branch of study in our schools which must,

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be prevented and the period of treatment somewhat shortened, while