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tions judged necessary or desirable for the study and practice of medicine.

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There is a growing conviction in the minds of many physicians

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(4) A physician may not be held responsible for failure to inform a patient of a possible complication or

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MD,* president of the State Medical Society of Wis-

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from making any plans or large outlays for improvements, for

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the 73 percent solution, it is decomjxjsed by heat.

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first session in a medical school and the date of his graduation.

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der Taenia bei Saugethieren. [Transl. of 1879 n, by Koch] ^Rev. f. Thierh.,

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the profession — for among the former, as among the latter, are

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is hardly necessary to say that excessively violent contractions,

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lower margin of the ribs. On penetrating the right pleural sac

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utterance before the Chicago Gynaecological Society will serve to show

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diphtheria are no longer to be feared. Medicine is all new.

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Mow to use the Ophthalmoscope ; or Elementary Instructions

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The initial dose, consisting of morphine-hydrobromide, ^ to -J,

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with carbolic acid and oil (1-20). Remained all night and

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