MacDonnell, a distinguished Fellow of Trinity College, and
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tors (Fig. 2). Over the neck of the patient is a screen, which shuts off
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the parts, accurate haemostasis, and a precise toilet to complete the
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himself in a 5 percent solution; i to 2 cc. are in-
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nic artery it flowed out of a small branch situated between the
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buted to the carbolic acid. The remaining case was one of
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that Gamaliel Bradford, M. D., Superintendent of the Massa-
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yfe have a case of hysteria, or chlorosis, or neuralgia, we must
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1885 a. — A recent case of hydatids < Scient. Am. Suppl., X. Y. (495), v. 19, June
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logical, and surgical studies are instnictions in the technics employed
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of Synovial Cysts of the palm of the hand. Clinical Lecture-
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tory. Probably all the organisms found were the results of contamination. At
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much restricted. Has tried a number of well-known bath cures without result.
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and medical amphitheaters, seating about 140 each, with necessary waiting and prep-
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drawing as a basis for rapid sketches. Such sketches are made of
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Category I, AOA Category 2-D, University of Wisconsin-Ex-
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Case III, — Patient, a subject of hysterical attacks, grafted
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Ansemia;. — At the medical congress, held at Hamburg this
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circulation in the glandular structure of the kidney, and the toxicity
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sac is about the size of the closed fist, and is more than one
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Parasitenk. [etc.], Jena, 1. Abt., v. 34 (4-5), 19. Dec, Referate, pp. 130-131.
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lesions are those most likely to give false negative
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departments, in addition to work completed in the Junior Colleges,
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activity. By it the menses can practically always be stopped without
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The artistic inadequacy has its cause in the unfortunate fact that
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consin, speak on some of the political and economic
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eral gentlemen, accompanied by his Excellency the Governor
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phase, 13.4 per cent.; second phase, 14.9 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase,
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of the fluid becomes more nearly established on the proximal and
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possibilities. A noted man had drink paroxysms and had been treated
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remembered is that these pains may be only a part of many symptoms,
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face, and spread rapidly over the entire body. It was attended
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