$10,100], and on the relatives of Joseph Lee, Esq. [Donor of
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has been no particular change in his clinical manifestations. He is
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Mr. Gray explained that the exposure to cold in this case,
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tains a large amount of mononuclear cells — lymphocytes exclusively.
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addresses, all of deep interest as pointing to the work accom-
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taken may be known. To this mixture, contained in a beaker
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Rappaport, Joseph Nathan, a, w, Ottawa, Ohio. A.B. (Ohio State U.) '27.
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quently his arteries were examined and found slightly affected.
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worker, sharing in the amply strenuous life of a large city, had been
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either the Industrial Midwest region or the nation. Had
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observed in all of his cases diastasis of the recti,
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psychiatric Society, and a life fellow of the American Psychi-
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The employment of salicylate of soda is contraindicated in
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compromise, 31, 32. To be considered members of the Cor-
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tro-duodenalis, (e) cystic arteries, (/) oocladed branches of right tronk.
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1888 a. — Ueber Wurmeier in der cirrhotischen Leber. [Japanese text] <Ztschr.
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fourth points were absent six times. The C. S. = C. W. ratio could
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have had fewer cases of insane people condemned to death, and
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quarter (a total of 120 hours). A major is in general equivalent to Z\ semester hours. A double major oc-
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Trional shows reduction of Erythrocytes of 23 4-100 percent.
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those associated with injuries of the radius and ulna.
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mittee poll all county and specialty societies regard-
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Small Intestine. — Mucous membrane tumified ; otherwise
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Candidate: Member attending a medical school in Wiscon-
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copy of this resolution be forwarded to the family of the late Dr. Cline.**
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tarizes, repeats, is pedantic, or affectedly didac-
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membranous films, between which are the so-called perineural
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Samuel Shattuck, Esq., of Boston, who, as early as 1850, wrote
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(2). Lining this was the proper cyst sac or parent cyst, 3i
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men, as a rule, take too many lectures ; this is a great mistake.
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(area code 608) 257-6781; or toll-free in Wisconsin: 800/362-9080.
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appeared and a recovery of the patient is looked for ; in other words,
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sometimes convulsions which were epileptiform in character, but
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I had not received a history of her case, and when proceed-
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immediately on their withdrawal. An injection of chloride of