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perature that had occurred was 100^ Fahr. on the morning
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of stay) instead of the arithmetic mean because the
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placenta was at once pressed off along with the clots which filled
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It is the facts of a case which detennine the issue. Hypothesis
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with historical notes and general considerations in regard to the
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(1805 a]. — Refutation des assertions hasardes centre le moyen de reconnaitre, de
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suppositories of morphia were occasionally made use of.
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rectum is much more common in women then in men, in the
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is said to him, and is inclined to be jocose over it, making poor
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tro-duodenalis, (e) cystic arteries, (/) oocladed branches of right tronk.
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practical paper, and embraces the record of four characteristic
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Internat, Clin., Phila., 14. s., y. 2, pp. 1-21, figs. 1-14. [W" 1 .]
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of atrophic cirrhosis obtained a short time since from the body
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after that adopted in Great Britain, to which all students
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L841 a. — Das Non-plus-ultra der Kriit/.e Ztschr. !'. Chir. v. Chir., Osterode,
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and yet the breathing is but slightly embarrassed. Xature has accom-
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oped and the clinical phenomena, more especially the fibrillation of
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In one of the cases of carcinoma of the intestine the fourth point
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this is not always palpable, serve to distinguish fracture of the capi-
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Seeligmuller of Halle, on Saale, Prussia, strongly recommends
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strations of the methods of physical and laboratory examinations and of history taking.
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Listed below are those physicians in Wisconsin who have earned the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award in
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Ralph Waldo Gerard, Ph.D., M.D., Associate Professor of Physiology.
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and their instincts have been intensified instead of modified
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died in a few days, the origin of disease being an infected mattress
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life are also taken up. Consideration is given to the questions of school programs, school
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1900 a. — Zur Ausfuhrung der Trichinenschau. [Lecture before Wanderversamm-
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cines used in other local infections, that "we have
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in each room, and the ringing of a bell announced that an operation
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and give the most practical aid in affections of this kind.
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