expert testimony is still in the mire. It is belittled and reviled by
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1901 a. — Untersuchungen an Megastoma cntericum Grassi aus dem Kaninchendarm
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be made to the National Research Council, Washington, D.C.
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the non-contributory retirement annuity you will get when you retire from the
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students. M., Th., 9:00-11:00. 48 hours. .4Mj. Arkin.
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other words, three of the four so-called luetic reactions of the cerebro-
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the State Medical Society of Wisconsin (county medi-
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avoidance of meat, and Ziegler,^*^ in an article on
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1897 a. — Bericht iiber die wissenschaftlichen Leistungen in der Naturgeschichte
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and cheered the weariness of life within the walls. Flower-
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it is a well recognized fact that many cases of hypertrophy of
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definitely established bv numerous investigators. While the nature
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Second observation, six weeks later: Pulse-pressure, 39. First phase, 51.2
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taken to the Bill by the medical bodies to which his noble friend had referred,
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able nuclear imaging technique. 4 ' 3 ' 6 All methods de-
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Eduard L. Chainski, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Laryngology and Otology.
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consin Affiliate. AMA Category I and University of Wis-
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established primary care physicians. Milwaukee County suburb
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done in 164 ; of these 73.7 per cent. died. Of 31 cases in
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Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, in 1920. His intern-
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I will conclude by expressing my convictions, that if bigotry,
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vet., Par., v. 61, 6. s., v. 13 (1), 15 Jan., pp. 52-55. [W a , W m .]
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about the perforation and that towards the head of the caecum ;.
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A vote of thanks to Dr. Hornibrook was moved by Dr.
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In private practice, when the case is seen early, you will find this