attack came on after a severe attack of inflammation of the
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No. 8. — Forty-five-year-old patient, suffers for three years from lumbago.
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transversalis. This fascia varies in thickness in different cases,
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method advocated by Saemisch, though they were neither of
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the asylum. All his life he had been noted for his grasp of im-
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published Family Medical Guide is one of its best in
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the pulse becomes progressively slower, even to 60 beats, until the
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noble son and brother. We are sure, however, that we but
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occur in infants, salicylate half-lives of 30 hours have been reported in infants 4-8 months old Treatment for mild intoxication should include emptying
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Trustees would assure him of their best wishes for his future
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slight sero-sanguineous discharge. Temperature 99J° in the
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Maurice Simkin, M.D., Clinical Associate in Medicine.
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— Gazette Hehdomadaire de Medicine et de Chirurgerie, 2bth May>
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ureter ; certain of these products might therefore have been
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attention of the Student to section 14, page 49, on Cleaning
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In analysing the cases of recoveries it will be found that one
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the approval of the Counselor, courses may be selected from the following: Psychol-
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ear, but, owing to foreign substances therein, he was unable to make a full and
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death. Two of these three, as I have said above, died, I have
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mission develop or enforce “consumer disclosure”
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were published on the day or shortly before they were mailed
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