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Sterilization of Instruments and Gloves. — All instruments except

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GEORGE M. GOULD. Editor. G. C. C. HOWARD, Managing Editor.

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Dr Fenwick next read a paper on " Excision of the Knee,"

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1904 a. — La scabbia nei bambini <Gazz. d. osp., Milano, v. 25 (98), 2. semestre,

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and others, — and a vote of thanks, on the motion of Dr.

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Celestin B. Semerak, S.B., M.D., Assistant in Pathology.

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1905 a. — [Dipping cattle for ticks.] [Address before Farmers' Conference, Salis-

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Holiey, Sion Woodson, a, w, sp, Waco, Tex. B.A. (Baylor U.) '27.

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SEPTEMBER 21-23, 1984: Wisconsin Society of Anesthesio-

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diastase et quelques diastases voisines. [Read 18 juillet] <Compt. rend. Soc.


9. Luttwak EM, Fabian RP, Mordochovich D: Role of peritoneal ab-

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