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* Austrian, Johns Hopkins Hosp. Bull., 1911 (22), 9.
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the exigency. Their work is highly humane, and no rule should be announced
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enbaugh, MD, Wausau Medical Center, SC, 2727 Plaza Dr,
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papillae and tendinous cords, resulting in a mal-adjustment of
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of the Department of Chemistry and the approval of the President of the University,
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Terrell, Edward Eugene, s, a, sp, San Marcos, Tex. B.S. (U. of Arizona) '25.
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deprivation of oxygen from the red corpuscles. Now Mr. Bing
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before the tube was inserted the patient had ceased to breathe.
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dissecting and in the post-mortem rooms, and in the latter the
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and recommended the operation of Keratotomy as the best means
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(4) The whole area of “tort law” needs rethinking
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wissensch. Zool., Leipz., v. 7 (1-2), 20. Mai, pp. 1-140, pis. 1-7. [MS. dated
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In order to ascertain the influence of coloured light upon the
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baths given for the purpose of improving the cardiac weakness ; at the
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be done right away, even if it had to be done without
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with the physical, chemical, and pharmaceutical properties of medicinal agents, their
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Cancer, New York. Approved \5Vi credit hours Category I of
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that some of its members have received what appears to be a personal letter from the People’s Medical So-
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with such endotoxin have yielded a serum which rendered the virus
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Part II: Nutrition Intervention: Clinical approach in
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M. S., laborer, set. 26, was admitted into the Montreal Gen-
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very much increased. The attack in this case came on very
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Mr. Ly ford exhibited a large, fatty tumour from the tuber
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phase, 44.4 per cent. ; third phase, 11.1 per cent. ; fourth phase, 18.3
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1. Principles of Surgery and Surgical Pathology. — A conference and laboratory
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Linda E Nevers, Berlin Memorial Hospital, 225 Memorial Dr,
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Nicoll, George Lorimer, s, Tarkio, Mo. B.S. (Tarkio C.) '26.
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grains of the acid to the ounce of lard. The ointment in either
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Paul Roberts Cannon, Ph.D., M.D., Associate Professor of Pathology.
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