1895 c. — Note sur un nematode nouveau parasite du Mara <Ibidem (6-7), juin-

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with a large abdominal tumour, irregular in shape and hard,

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culiar case of vicarious menstruation from the mucous membrane

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fourth points were absent at one. It was possible to work out the

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riculum vitae to Pixie Litt, 940 S St Augustine St, Pulaski,

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He had a chancre four years ago. Careful questioning fails to

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expect to hear the heart sounds in the peripheral vessels; such a

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Section of human cord, showing focal round-cell infiltration and partial degen-

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Nederl. Entom. Ver., Utrecht, 21 Jan.] <Tijdschr. v. Entom., 's Gravenhage,

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that in one year after separation it took the coverage

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1888 b. — Conjugation of Paramecium. [Abstract of 1887 d] <J. Roy. Micr. Soc,

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This was a case of hyperthyroidism in which the blood-pressure was

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Dr. Jackson with the utmost regret. Connected as he has

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(1162), v. 45, 2. s. (67), v. 3, Apr. 10, p. 248. [W m .]

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in the state of Wisconsin. The State Medical Society

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pp. 577-582, charts 1-2, pi. 6, figs. a-t. [W ni .]

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Wisconsin Orthopaedic Society, Apr 6, 1984, American

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ened. The odour from his body has been so offensive in the ward

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ring than from any strictly medical observation. Even trainers,

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decision to accept the chair at King's came like a thunderbolt

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based offices available. Present medical staff supports recruit-

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to eflfect a cure after three or four applications. — Medical and

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State Board of Health was established. The author admits,

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sleep after acute sleep-wake cycle reversal. Presented at

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singly, either by insertion into tumors or otherwise, and, when they