and the termination was not so favourable. There was no history

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Srd. — Diarrhoea less ; slept well. Tongue clean and moiatir

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1901 c— Idem. [Abstract of 1901 b] <Phila. M. J. (196), v. 8 (13), Sept. 28,

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the Correspondez Blatt^ collects a number ef testimonies, from

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through three editions, evidences its popularity as

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been expressed that a very valuable procedure, as I intend to show,

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ured, digitalis toxicity was not observed Since there have been isolated reports ot patients with

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Soc. Lond., s. B. (B. 512), v. 76, Oct. 7, pp. 531-547, figs. 1-7. [MS. dated

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basis of $100 per page. A maximum of four illustrations and/or

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-are processes coincident but distinct, the latter being subsidiary,

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1831a. — System der vergleichenden Anatomie. 5. Theil, iv+356 pp. 8°.

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arteries. The patient, who was shown to the society, was a

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ed with by the constricting pressure of shoulder straps. Sooner

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1828 a. — Discharge of a great number of hydatids from the palm of the hand.

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and other circumstances which need not be mentioned. Hence

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justice and charity, it must be done through a wide-spread

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Mendez Alvaro, Francisco; de Pereda y Martinez; & Casas de Batista,

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some little time at the outset in getting the patient

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remedy for the headache, ringing of the ears, and general cere-

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Diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract. Limited to 6 students. Tu., F., 11:00-1:00. 48

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parts of sulphurous acid and glycerine, with sulphite of soda,

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There is no mystery or credulity in work of this kind. The most

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expert in the trial, hearing, etc., of any auditor, etc., acting under

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deploring his sudden removal from our midst, as he was about to enter upon

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battles fought throughout 1983 and the early months

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C. L., set. 38, was admitted into hospital on October Tth^

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illustrations. Octavo, 868 pages, 184 engravings and

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Another enormous specimen of the same kind of growth and

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per cent.; second phase, 7.1 per cent.; third phase, fourth phase, 71.4 per cent.

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The registration fee of $225 includes continental breakfast,

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have suffered considerably, as by his own description " he was

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this to wearing low shoes, to which she was not habituated. She did

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three months), had'a sallow and cachectic appearance and was