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has gradually increased until now. He voids urine eight or ten

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They have not been so frequent this last week. He is a man of

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the symptoms are unusually alarming or the patient unduly stupid,

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and nose, the difference in mortality in favor of the former

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Physicians as well as dentists, podiatrists, or any

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nevertheless, we are forced to admit that very few such books as

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by the University of Chicago in recognition of achievement through research, in author-

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improvements did not always run parallel with the uric acid content

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of Surgeon to Out-patients, 64. Authorize Physicians and

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Administration. — The anaesthetic is preferably administered in

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spasm Experience in 127 patients N Engl J Med 302 1269-1273, June 5. 1980

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or masses, or in fine granules distributed through-

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honorable discharge; or (2) shall be descendants by blood of anyone in service in the

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felt pains about his joints which did not last long or come often.

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303. Clinical Clerkship in Hospital. — The student works full time for one quarter

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1905 c. — Sulla pseudodifterite degli agoni. Comunicazione preliminare <Atti

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was called to the rules relating to autopsies ; and it was voted

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occupied the region of the gall-bladder. The ductus communis

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University of Pennsylvania ; with twenty-two illustrations.

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Bruce L. Riordan, Thomas Ambrose, John E. McEvenu©.

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times during the night. Latterly he has occasionally noticed a

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believed, that it would entail extra labour on both teacher and

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the general courses. Prerequisite: Physiology 251, 252, or 303, or equivalent. £Mj.

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Emergency Physicians, Fall Symposium, at Olympia Resort &

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Eloise Parsons, Ph.D., M.D., Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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of cases the benefit following treatment is almost nil, or, at best

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Two cases of Colotomy in the left loin, performed for relief in