ing a wooden leg for Ann Kerr, a patient in the Hospital.
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sit enk. [etc.], Jena, 1. Abt., v. 37 (21-22), 18. Jan., Referate, p. 662. [W a , W m .]
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tion of the instrument by which these results were arrived at ;
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Ernest Lewis McEwen, S.M., M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology.
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1883 a. — Historias clinicas de dos casos de triquinosis en M&laga <"Clinica de
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clearness and gives a very good idea of the present
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disease, with its port of entry through the tonsil."
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rapid loss of weight which followed the use of the potassium iodide
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shall summarize his condition when examined to-day. Tem-
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propriate that each year the State Medical Society of
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1865 a. — Sulla tenia e sui cistoidei secondo le piu recenti osservazioni. [Tranel. of
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causes it, the Syngamus trachealis (Sieb.), Sclerostoma syngamus (Dies.). Trans-
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(Quantitative Chemical Analysis and Organic Chemistry), Embryology (Comparative
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race . . . New ed., revised and enlarged by James Irvine Lupton. lxxv+572
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a half or an inch and three-quarters from the edge of the cut,
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enema, further spill would be small bowel contents,
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rooms occupied by the members of the clinical staff and to a clinical
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nity, such as certain altitudes in the Alps, Pyrenees, Cordilleras,
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Another case in which I saw the occurrence of thrombosis of
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of the cornea and again through the sclerotic along the horizon-
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which appears to be connected with Syphilis. — The Lancet.
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and medical-legal assistance to physicians, and ex-
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students, preferably for graduates of Rockford College.
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monary tissue about one of them. — H. L., aet. 38.
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sufficient, in such a patient, to treat one of these
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W. H., set. 21, single ; height 5 feet 11 J inches; weight,
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rapidly; and the following days, the same treatment being
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If it is true that pneumonic fever destroys the integrity of the
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1828 a.— Idem. 3. Theil, xii+670 pp. 8°. Halle. [\V m .]
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fibromyoma of the uterus, associated with carcinoma; the other a
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who will, if the conditions above stated are met, present it to the Committee on Admis-
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appear the membrane is swollen, having reached its greatest
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