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Schonau, also possessed radio-active properties. As these baths had,
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1. Satisfactory completion of not fewer than six majors of graduate grade (includ-
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tion of gastrojejunostomy. JSTo. is used for the outside sutures and
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350. Problems in the Biology of Sex. — Individual instruction and investigation
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in which it is used, is sufficient to cause death. The bottle produced
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7. Dales LG, Friedman GD, Collen MF: Evaluating periodic multi-
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readily seen through the abdominal parietes. The femoral
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sideration of issues and the effective implementation
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blood loss. Only if these are negative should colon-
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3 Von Massanek, G.: Ibid., Ix, Nos. 5 and 6, p. 756.
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7. Morphine and atropine are given in gastric and rectal cases,
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least a small part of the public. " When our daughter marries and
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In Case 165 the s^Tiiptomatic improvement in the patient's con-
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" I remember lying down on the bed in the small room, and my
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Dr. Henry S. Plummer, whose genius and labor resulted in the com-
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on without interiniption. By April 27 he had regained his former
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blood or packed cells within 24 hours of the study.
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Preparation of Operator and Assistants. — The hands and arms
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in patients who remain symptomatic despite adequate doses of beta blockers and or organic nitrates
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instrument, and the salient optical principles related
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Schmidt, Ross (Montreal), Bell, Larocque, Roddick, McCallum,
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in the operation, nor does it appear tliat he was authorized to consent to any
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Doctor Witt joined the medical staff at the River Falls