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Consulting Physicians: Drs. Frank Billings, John M. Dodson, James B. Her-

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youth, aged 19, who died of a large lympho-sarcomatous tumour

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Spring Quarters. S., 8:00-9:00. Limited to 10 students. .lMj. Parmelee.

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year is in the Rush Post-Graduate School of Medicine. This Faculty controls the work

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journal. He held the pen of a ready writer, and what he did

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as to whether or not that hospital will be approved.

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veins of the right side of the neck and chest, and of the arm,

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phase, third phase, 92.6 per cent.; fourth phase, 7.3 per cent.

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lowing rates: $25.00, one year; $2.00, single copy; $3.00, pre-

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to the degree that this is possible in an uncertain world.

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in which the capsule remains unaltered, while the cartilage is consider-

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months in the operating room, which may be extended by substitut-

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supervision. Clinical records must be kept by students and certificates obtained.

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ingitis occurring as a terminal complication in the course of

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established by the Board of Directors of the State Medical

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So much for the inspiriting feelings which animate the

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30 to: Health Center Director, Search/Screen Committee,

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Irrespective of these episodes it is felt that there is

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