1893 a. — Ticks. [Letter to editor, dated June 14] <TAgric. J., Cape Town, v. 6

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Stomach. — At the cardiac end is a white elevated ridge in

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Before dealing with the question of how the abnormal state

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' I formerly classified methods of intestinal anas-

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blase der Rana esculenta. [Read 13. Mai] <Ibidem, pp. 39^1. [W .]

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1887 b.— Idem <Ann. de med. vet.. Brux.. v. 36 (9-10), sept.-oct.. pp. 533-

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ability and success as a surgeon and gynaecologist secured him

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cal science, before the degree of M.D. is conferred.

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The dread of not sustaining the patient's vitality has too often led

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receptor being a constituent of the cell protoplasm

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Attending Orthopedic Surgeon: Dr. Charles A. Parker.

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He was a large, healthy-appearing youth, but had a tvunor on his left ear about

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expelled by applying friction and pressure to the fundus. Trick-

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the size of a dove's egg. Some time before his death, treatment of the tumor had

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She had been in the house, sleeping in the night-refuge part,

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Doctor, your staff represents the PR in your office. Are your Medical Assistants up to date and

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form of index. This adds considerably to its value.

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the Baltic Sea. He completed residencies at St Luke’s

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Bassler claims to have found an anaerobic organism, which he has

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supported in this position by a sling made of an elastic bandage.

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association that year, 1-5 and since then many sub-

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survey. WMC will be publishing results of the survey

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Lungs. — Crepitant, except lower lobe of left lung, which is

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Winawer SJ, Schottenfeld D, Sherlock P (eds): Progress in Cancer

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tissue with predominant!}^ radiary formation — oval for the most part,

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Association. Surviving are several nieces and nephews. ■

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In Case 53 the patient, while under treatment, improved in some

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and rendering the patent's life miserable. 1 performed colotomy

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could be influenced by vsrhat I told her to the extent of walking to the operating

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to cause the muscular fibres of the vessel to contract, and thus,

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excellent clinical and communication skills to join longstanding

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the body and a little piece of iris, but the body slipped from my

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the values in constipation, proper advice and treatment may greatly