the method of their administration does not comply with the new
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dermatoses grouped according to their predominating lesions. By arrangement only,
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but no advantage was found in persevering in this course, since
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19, the Visiting Committee reported that it was expedient to
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analyses of milk were made, and in 34 adulteration detected.
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time in alleviating the saflferings of the poor in the public hospitals of this
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in the bioplastic elements of the blood and solid tissues. In
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some value in allaying spasm, especially in those cases which are only
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knowledge of the oxygen-carrying power of the red corpuscle and the
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that in changing his sheets, his limbs get so rigid as to resist
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of the uterus continued strong and vigorous, no further trouble
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(Virchow's Archiv, May, 1876), that in experiments on dogs
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Tutunjian, Khacher Hoysep, sp, Ripon, Wis. A.B. (Ripon C.) '22.
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me God don't hear 'em here as he does in the ould counthry."
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claim is not accepted, the physician, at his or her
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with all theoretical doubts as to the propriety of splenotomy,
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1892 a. — i Existe el hematozoario de Laveran en la sangre de los paludicos que
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Szurek, Stanislaus Andrew, s, w, Chicago. S.B. '27.
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them. It is a recogTiized fact that no science or art can ever develop
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For Sale: Ritter multipurpose examining table; Steelux
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courses of treatments produced symptomatic benefit.
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State Medical Society did this in spite of the fact
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eously by Mr, Bryant and Mr. Durham, had ceased to beat.
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ing, of the latter. And this is why the statistics,
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members of the staff. Although we have every reason to regard
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January 20, 1877, never had ague, nor does it prevail in her
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ration explains certain peculiarities of the perinephritic suppuration :
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thermore, it is well known that it is very difficult,
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excellence brings about the greatest good to the greatest number.
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of the radius, or at least lead to a suspicion that a rarer injury is
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by p>ersons financially interested in the investi-
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tinuing to do so with regularity since that period.
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been edited and set in type for final approval before publi-
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ture of^valves, and of hypertrophy following sudden and severe
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