posed this regulation when it was first proposed by
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eighty-three years of age, who had fallen down some area steps,
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bones. A moulded leather back splint was applied with a narrow
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to examine, diagnose, advise, and prescribe (which are at least neces-
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fourth phase, 40.7 per cent. C. S. : C. W. : : 44.4 : 55.5.
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The fundamental principles of law, making it necessary, certainly
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v. 10 (20-21), 30. Oct., pp. 714-717. [W a , W 8 .]
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mammoth task in organizing and systematizing these clinics for use
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onset, with symptoms of an acute infection, I believed it to be a case of
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1846 a. — On entozoal, or worm aneurism. Contributions to zoological pathology.
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them so as to make them unavailable and dangerous for the
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during the first trimester. Although vaccination of
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Dr. Peltier was born in this city on the 22nd of September,
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1889 b. — Idem. [Reviewed by Dittrich] <TCentralbl. f. Bakteriol. u. Parasitenk.,
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Hospital, 1811 " ; and it was accepted accordingly.
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districts and cities will be well represented. It must be borne
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excessive dosage, yet not in a single one of these did the condition of
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chestra featuring Grant Krueger, popular pianist and
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forming a society for the advancement of this special depart-
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laborious and shallow movement of the respiratory organs, accom-
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ing in June in the operating theatre of the Hospital.
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fifteen tabulated cases of embolism of the extremities after
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1891 f. — Le gregarine monocistidee dei tunieati e della capitella. [Read 6 die]
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bounds ; because if not guided by reason and kept within proper
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vascular surgeons; Class 8 — osteopaths; Class 9 —