were felt to be contributing. These patients are de-
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then united by fine sutures, and as they subsequently healed by
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of diet, hydrotherapy, electricity, massage — any
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destruction and expulsion of fibroid tumours ot'the uterus."
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costal respiration the more difl&cult but flattens
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made them in the cause of scientific truth, and to prove that
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the swill-milk estabUshments. To this we reply, that the question
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arm just below the elbow, instead of at the wrist. The reasons
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all proposed revision of the hospital administrative
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of botanical or pharmaceutical detail. After some preliminary
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tation of specimens and the correct attitude of the illustrator toward
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inches square. The abdominal packs, mostly sponges four by eight
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from pressure, so that, after the end of the first ten days, the
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tening of both lungs. He died on January 15th. About two
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Mintz, Abraham, a, w, sp, Scranton, Pa. A.B. (New York U.) '25.
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cases required only one exposure of 71/^ hours, and some required two
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in both cases. In the first case, to have followed the sharp frag-
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Rush Medical College. The sum of $250 is available annually.
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(8.) When the remedy is discontinued too soon after improve-
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nize the validity of a pluralistic approach to third
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strong, muscular, well built man, and of medium height.
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and he advises that, before undertaking an operation in such
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Mueller, George Robert, a, w, sp, Chicago. S.B. '29.
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her snoring again and again. She forgets that she was asleep, and
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told she had stricture. There is no family history of cancer.
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ured, digitalis toxicity was not observed Since there have been isolated reports ot patients with
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perforation of the palate by scraping is at times the lesser of two
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— Condensed from Bulletin Generals de Therapeutique of the
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rooms, and the workshops, including manufacturing, repair, and
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in this region. Prerequisite: Zoology 103 or Botany 103 or equivalent. Mj. Summer,
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2 The student's attention is called to the fact that attendance on the first day is necessary because
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stract of 1855 a] Veterinarian, Lond. (332). v. 28, 4. s. (8), v. 1. Aug., pp.
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demonstrated that many of the vegetable drugs fonnerly held in high
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We understand that it is the intention to call a special meet-
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a reduction of 50 per cent, over that existing prior to the adoption